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Yoga Links

Purchase Yoga Mats, Yoga Mat Bags and Yoga Accessories
Yoga Supplies specialises in supplying yoga mats to students around New Zealand.

Yoga Finder
The largest yoga directory on the internet, Yoga Finder is great when you are travelling abroad and need to find a nearby location to squeeze that yoga class in.

Yoga Retreats
An escape of health and wellbeing, Yoga Journal for planning your yoga retreat.

Ashtanga Yoga Self Practice Resources
Illustrated Guide to the First Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga : Detailed Description of Surya Namaskara A
Ashtanga Yoga : Detailed Description of Surya Namaskara B
Ashtanga Yoga : Detailed Description of Jump Throughs to Jump Backs

Recommended DVDs
Ashtanga Yoga : The Practice with David Swenson
Ashtanga Yoga : The Primary Series with John Scott
Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Manju Jois
Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with R. Sharath

Recommended Online Videos
Ashtanga Yoga : John Scott Introduction
Ashtanga Yoga : Kino MacGregor Introduction
Ashtanga Yoga : David Swenson Demonstration
Ashtanga Yoga : Artistic Demonstration

Recommended Reading
Ashtanga Yoga : The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Dynamic Yoga by John Scott
Astanga Yoga : Connect to the Core with Power Yoga by Liz Lark
The Late Guru : A Tribute to K. Pattabhi Jois by David Sweson
The Yoga Lunchbox : Food for Thought Food for the Soul

Yoga Laughter
Yoga Dawg : On the Path to Finding the Humour in Yoga


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Marichyasana C
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Baddha Konasana
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